Smoke Signal Dun - update

Jen Mcgeehan

A few of you have asked how Smoke is doing...I so appreciate that! I had an accident on my other horse 2 weeks ago and we both have been recovering, so I haven't been on the site. (First accident in 46 years of horsin'.) Anyway, Smoke is definitely on the mend! My farrier was here today to do his "rasping" thing and is very pleased with the progress of his hoof. There is about an inch of new growth and he is down to a mild favoring of that hoof when he walks. He is standing square often, even eating with both front hooves square! That is a huge thing. His cresty neck is down and he has no fatty deposits anywhere else. His weight is good and his back looks great. No swollen sheath. He seems very happy. I am having a blood draw done on Thursday to re-check his ACTH, Glucose and Insulin numbers. (Betty - I will forward the results on to you for your expert analysis! Thank You!!!) The other thing needing to be done is an updated set of radiographs. this is tricky cuz we have NO vet within 3 hours with the portable equipment. So, it is really an issue with funds. but, it is my hope that I can afford this in the next 2 or 3 weeks. I am soooo grateful for all the help I have received. I know that Smoke would not be with me if not for this outpouring of help from so many folks and companies! I am trying to do my homework in regards to what has to happen when we move to Hawaii. So far, I have made contact with a farrier/vet who seems to be up on the IR/Cushings thing. We are working with a company in regards to getting the necessary pellets available for these horses. Tragically, she indicates that horses have been put down because the safe foods were not available! I won't let that happen for Smoke, and if I can somehow help to get the word out and the necessary feed/supplements/etc in place over there, then I feel I will have done just a small amount of "pay it forward!" Of course, Smoke will NOT come over until everything is in place! Any thoughts or comments from anyone would be very much appreciated! I will try to check in every few days.
Happy Trails!
Jen and Smoke
Big Bear, CA 2010