Nil worm count again


Hi All,
Has been a while since getting on :) Hope you and your four leggeds are all doing well.
I just wanted to re fresh a post I made some time ago re worming.
We are continuously getting a NIL worm count on our cushings gelding.
He is with 2 other horses who both get med to high worm counts.
We change wormers and pick up manure everyday.
Has anyone else found nil worm counts.
This gelding has had nil worm counts since being on pergolide...about the last 6 years. The other two do not have cushings but get worm burdens.
Picking up of the manure does not make a difference as the other two still get it. The other two do not have cushings.
The cushings gelding used to get worms in past worm counts prior to pergolide.
We do still worm him but more around bot season as these do not show up in worm counts.

Love to hear of your experiences

best wishes