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"The only "correct" dose of pergolide is the one that controls his ACTH."
- Dr. Kellon, ECIR Message #132610, Sep 2, 2009.

Ever wonder what the highest dosage of pergolide in the group is? The longest amount of time a horse has been on pergolide or how these pioneering horses are doing? Well we have the tools to find out! We have the ECIR Pergolide Dosage Database:

The Pergolide Dosage Database can be sorted by clicking on a column heading. By using that column's arrows you can pick its sorting direction to show horses on high or low dosages. Through case history links, you can see how these horses are responding, their ACTH history, the pergolide formulations and administering details. This can be helpful when considering and discussing a dosage change with your vet.

If your horse is on pergolide and you haven't yet added your information or recorded dosage changes, RUN, don't walk over to and enter your information. It won't take long and your information will help other PPID horses. Currently most of the data is old, with links to Case Histories that are no longer accessible. However, thanks to recent entries, the number of viewable case histories is rising and dosages amounts are starting to reflect today's numbers.

To ensure your data is useful and correctly processed by Yahoo's intricate sorting parameters, please follow the directions posted in the column headings and refrain from adding extra information. The link to your case history provides access to all extra information.


From 421 Entries:

2 horses on 10.0mg
2 horses on 9.0mg
2 horses on 8.5mg
3 horses on 8.0mg
1 horse on 7.5mg
1 horse on 7.0mg
2 horses on 6.5mg
7 horses on 6.0mg
3 horses on 5.0mg
1 horse on 4.5mg
9 horses on 4.0mg
4 horses on 3.5mg
16 horses on 3.0mg
1 horse on 2.75mg
8 horses on 2.5
36 horses on 2.0mg
2 horses on 1.75mg
28 horses on 1.5mg
4 horses on 1.25mg
2 horses on 1.2mg
1 horse on 1.07mg
1 horse on 1.05mg
118 horses on 1.0mg
31 horses on 0.5
5 horses on 0.25mg
131 entries not useable

(Notes: The numbers have likely changed since the above date. Some entries have been omitted from this list as they were entered incorrectly.)

Thank you for your cooperation.
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