Lyme Disease/IR-PPID help

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Hi everyone, I want to test Carl for Lyme disease and my vet thinks Im nuts but of course will do what I ask. Carl's insulin isnt being controlled despite all of the balancing. His ACTH done Sept 10 @ Cornell is 151 pg/mL insulin 101.87 ulU/mL. per Dr. K he was started on 1 mg Prascend on Wed. he isnt tolerating it well, very depressed I went down to 1/2 tab yesterday until Monday I'll go up to 1 mg split 2xday, I will receive APF on Monday, which should help.
I cant help but feel there is another culprit here for Carl's labs,(insulin never going down) so I want to test for Lyme. anyone have info on that,what the protocal for testing is etc. or has had a horse with that? Carl is 12, came from Nebraska, and Ive had trouble with his health since day 1..which was in 2008, he foundered Feb. 2009 diag IR Mar 2009

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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Cornell's server is down (Animal Health Diagnostic Center) so I can't link you the details right now but they have the most up to date testing and I would send blood there.

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