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Cheryl Brennan

I have a cushing pony.  My vet retired and my new vet wants to try her on Previcox instead of bute.  Has anyone had experiences with this drug?  Thank you for your help.
Cheryl and Annie Brennan
Yorba Linda, California


Hi, Cheryl - In addition to Mandy's excellent advice, I just want to add an important caveat with regards to Previcox.  It is a useful NSAID in horses, but it is *very important* to make sure you don't overdose (which is unfortunately common)  The correct dose is 0.1 mgs per kg body weight, which is 0.045 mgs per puond body weight.  A 320 lb pony gets one quarter of a 57 mg tablet.  A 630 lb pony gets half a 57 mg tablet.  A 950 lb horse gets three quarters of a tablet.  A full tablet is the correct dose for a 1260 lb horse.  Big difference - if you have an average size Arab, don't be giving a full tablet, because that is a 25% overdose.

Jaini (BVSc), Merlin, Maggie, Gypsy
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martha williams

Our ec/IR horse gets Equioxx (in hospital).. (Paste of same drug as Previcox)--
Formulated for horses. Gets it 1X Per day.  Not as effective as
Bute for pain, but less likely to cause ulcers, or so we have been
  Williams/Dubrow. NY. '08


Thank you for this information Jaini.
The farrier and I cannot pick up Amber's left hind foot.  Asked the vet for a trial of Previcox which he gave me.  Prescribed 1/4 tablet for two days prior to farrier visit.  It basically did nothing for her.  I'm thinking I will get some more Previcox and try the 3/4 tablet before the farrier comes.  My question - should I give it to her the night before or the morning of?  My farrier comes about 7:30 am and I feed about 6:00 am.  I would only give it to her before farrier visits if it works for her. 

Jean and Amber in SC
August 2004