how long is acute....?


Thank you Linda!
I needed that boost., all the negativity really can be discouraging, the barn owner is helpful, but very old school, I get messages like--- '-pony having a very bad day'- and such , so i dash over expecting the worst, only to have pony whinnying like crazy when she hears my truck and gimp over to her stall front for a pat. The gal means well, but her attitude really stresses me out , so I start to doubt whether this is the best thing for a 30 plus year old well as all the others who chime in with there comments, 
..I really want her back home I can tell she thinks she is in jail and being punished, she misses her herd and being outside, she  whinnys for her buddies when she knows they are in the arena, which is funny because then the horses who are supposed to be concentrating on practice turn into boneheads, because Pony was the boss mare.LOL> ( our barn is down the hill form the facility we keep pony at) I hope she can come home soon, but our hard gravel paddocks would not be good, and her stall now is huge.
I will keep a stiff upper lip and determination in spite of all the negativity.
Thanks again
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Julie -

Each time a change is made to her feet, different structures are loaded or unloaded.  If you have a broken bone (and yes, laminitis/founder is a serious injury!)every PT appointment, every cast change causes different sensations.  It's going to happen.  Doesn't mean things are getting worse.  Time is to be measured by the week, and often the month, in this process.

Tell that know- it -all that she has never heard of recovery, etc, etc, because she really DOESN'T know it all.  Some people need an off switch thst is within easy reach.

I have a rehab here that is here because I didn't want the owner to have to deal with a boarding situation where you know there will be plenty of folks with uneducated  opinions that only cause stress

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Thanks, maybe it is her trim ,my guy seemed to understand what the instructions were but maybe he didn't get it right ,i will getsome pics up on friday and see what the suggestions are , hopefully the trimmer didn't mess hr feet up more..
Sorry for the typos and lack of ch in my signature im on a tablet thingy that i do not know how to work yet :-)
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Emily Phillips

Hi Julie, My first post on here was entitled "Is this recovery normal" for exactly the same reason... My mare was doing well and then had a trim 2 weeks in and was crippled again. It has been almost 4 months now since she became acute and we are slowly getting there. As Lavinia said the trim is so important so get some pics up if you can so she can take a look and let you know what she sees. I had to change trimmers a couple of times to find someone good. Also weight bearing xrays will give you a really good idea of what is going on and how bad it really is. Mine after a few weeks showed my mare had / has really thin soles, and although she has minimal rotation and sinking, she was uber foot sore because her soles are so thin. The right trim and she is now able to start building a thicker sole. I've made sure to give a nice thick shavings bed in her yard (thinner shavings elsewhere so she pees on that and leaves her bed most of the time!) and for the first 2-3 months she lay down a lot. Now with the right trim she is happy to be up on her feet a lot more. Hang in there! Get pics and xrays if you can afford to, so you can get a better idea about how long it is likely to be til your pony is walking happily again. It will happen! Emily and Cheyenne Jan 2014 Springmount, Victoria, Australia


Hi Julie,

Sorry to hear Pony is hurting again. It could be that she did too much and is now paying the price for that. Could also be abscessing starting as the form was changed. Possible reaction from the stuff the other boarder was feeding her. Could you get some new pics of what the trim looks like now so we can take a look?

Hang in there. Unfortunately, recovery isn't always an easy, linear thing.

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Pony has no heat in her feet , two weeks ago you could cook eggs on her soles it was so hot and inflamed,, I am only exaggerating a little bit..

 after her trim Monday she was perky and walking with little lameness, Tue i took her for a 10 minute booted walk in a very soft dirt arena, she was very willing and anxious to be out and about..
Wed she was very lame, this morning she was lurching to walk and probably spending 50% of her time laying down, she is in soft rides 24/7 with the purple pad with the frog support cut off. this afternoon less lurchy but still very painful...
she is on a tight diet, ( well after i threatened the other boarder who wasn't listening to the no treats sign and slipping her carrots with paying all her vet bills.) 

Should she still be so sore? I am starting to buckle under the negativity of others comments about her health, one gal asked today if she can even be cured because she has never heard of such...I launched into my facts and figures saw her eyes glaze over , then  stopped talking, UGH sigh...

Maybe I just need reassurance my self that this is a normal part of recovery to still be so sore 4-5 weeks in.....
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