Soft Ride Boots


Not sure if this is allowed here or not, but it may be of help to someone.  

I have a pair of Soft Ride boots available. Size 5, with both the standard inserts and the purple soft ones.  Only one worn for about a week so pretty much brand new condition.

I paid $285, but will rehome them to someone in need for much less:)  

If anyone is interested please email me at


Christine shelley

SoftRides have saved my boy last year and this year. Mine like the other above, patiently waits while I clean them out then relaxes into them when I put them back on. Even with shoes on!  He loves his boots. We keep them on all 4 feet as he s worse n the back than the front. Yes, I said that correct. His x-rays were worse in the back.  

Mine are no way for sale!  But I would recommend them in a heart beat!