Tooth extraction and sedation


I've scoured the messages for this topic and I've come up with quite a few but they are all over the board on context so here's my question --


Justin is getting a fractured molar extracted next week and he will be under sedation (standing) for as long as three hours. He's PPID/not IR and is on pergolide, J-Herb, MovEase, L-glutamine and balanced minerals. Currently he is also on Uniprim and pre/pro-biotic. He's also due for his Flu/Rhino shot but I'm not sure when to give it -- now or after the procedure?

When we did the Xrays last week, he seemed to handle the sedation "cocktail" (not sure what it was) fairly well but just wondering if it would be best to discontinue any of the above prior to this procedure?

Any advice on which sedatives would work the best would also be great. My vet is very cautious and I'd like to give her any info that may help. 

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Alice & Justin

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Hi Alice-

The usual precaution is to avoid J herb  within 24 to 48 hours of surgery...due to clotting time.

Based on Justin's previous sedations- your vet will know what drugs are appropriate.  My vet and I prefer to sedate slowly  with my 32 yo boy as he is a 'cheap drunk'.  He had 2 teeth removed in Jan and came through like a champ....much better than I did!

As far as the vax...personally I would wait a few weeks after the extraction.

Wishing Justin a speedy recovery!

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Susan, thanks so much for your response. I will wait to give the F/R and stop the J-Herb for now and for a couple of days after. I will ask her to monitor his sedation as he will be drunk for so long....

My vet actually told me that it would probably be best if I wasn't there to watch. No need for her to worry about me when she's crawling and yanking around in his mouth.

Glad to hear your boy came through it OK -- so many things to worry about!! These horses....

Alice & Justin
CO 2007