Melada's pergolde

Catherine G. Fischer

Updated history posted today.  We need help getting this right!  ACTH and insulin elevated. Glucose normal. Awaiting hormone results from BET labs. Symptoms mainly footsore and haircoat not fully shed.  Otherwise reasonably good.

Our vet who will work with us highly recommends moving to Prescend 2 mg.

She also is concerned about stability of compounded product.  Melada was on 10 mg from Pet Health at time of testing.  Pet Health says product is stable with sesame oil base, need not be refrigerated, and maintains potency for more than 60 days (? can't remember exact stats) 

Have increased pergolide to 11 mg. compounded.

1. Very scary to move from 10 mg compounded to 2 mg of Prescend ??

2. Cost is a consideration.

3  Looking at database shows lower level dosages of Prescend.

Thank you again for being here!  Love this mare and want her to be her perky self.

Cindy ID

October 2013 

Nancy C

Hi Catherine and Cindy

You need to get off the pergolide suspension as it is the most suspicious of not helping you.  Whether 2 mg Prascend will or not is hard to say.  There have been members who had numbers lower than Melada's 09.13  that were not controlled on 2 mg of Prascend.  Were there new numbers for ACTH and Insulin? If you have a choice, could try to get the pergolide capsules, ordering 30 days at a time, kept in door of fridge. 

There is a study by UCDavis int eh files that shows the various forms of compounded and how they tested for efficacy that you could show your vet. Nice that he/she is on board.

The Zin Pro is not balanced to your hay. You know that.  Blood testing to find what the horse needs tells you what is short, but not why he is short on any given mineral.  Is it a frank efficiency or a relative deficiency?  And what do you do about it?

Dr Kellon should be sent the hormone results privately unless she has said otherwise.

Hand in there.  Glad the diarrhea resolved.

Nancy C in NH
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Cindy ID

October 2013 

Pamela Bramell

Just my experience, my Frosty was having an ongoing uveitis attack and we couldn't get it under control.  The vet suggested taking him off the 2 mg of pergolide and putting him on 1 mg prascend.  Vet said he had seen wonderful results with it.  I went ahead and put  him on the prascend for about 5 months.  I am sorry I did because I saw a dramatic drop in muscle tone in his topline and the rest of his body.  I then went to put him back on the pergolide and it has been a battle with the pergolide veil to get him up to the 2 mgs he was on previously.  The uveitis cleared up, but I am sure it wasn't because of the prascend.

Pam in Va
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