Sugardine (or Sugardyne)


Hi Gayle,
My mare  Dawn had a MASSIVE rip in her hoof last fall.  
You can see the photo of it here: 
The xray of how deep into the hoof it went: 

Sugardine was recommened and used.  It is very simple to make (you can't do it wrong!) and cheap.  Sugar (like honey) has antibacterial properties.  Honey does not go bad.  No matter what. Sugar has some of those properties I'm sure.  It is why it is used to preserve food (jam).

After weeks and weeks of being poulticed with sugardine and wrapped in layers of material to stop mud from getting in, Dawn's injured hoof was in far better condition than her un-treated hoof. Strong and dry and clean clean clean.  

The sugardine is amazing Gale.  

-LeeAnne & Dawn, Newmarket, Ont. PPID & IR 03/2004

Case History:


All Season Muzzle Photos:

Hoof Pics:

More Hoof Pics & Xrays:


Thanks, Lavina. I looked at an online video about mixing it up, and when I saw all that sugar, it just didn't seem right. Appreciate it.

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Gayle,

Not a problem. Sugardine (dyne) is safe to use.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and peanut

Jan 05, RI

EC Support team


Hi, folks. Been gone a long time. I have a question for anyone who might know. I had the vet out for x-rays yesterday, and he told me to make a sugardine paste to put on the bottom of Sabrina's foot for a small wound. It's sugar and povidone (10% iodine). I asked him if the sugar would soak into her system through her sole, and he said he didn't think so. I just need to double check. I researched it, and many people use it for lots of things - successfully, but they didn't talk about IR. Thank you for any input.

Gayle and Sabrina
Fairview, TN