Here is an odd ball question regarding lumps and bumps



On Friday of last week, I had my vet out to check on 2 unusal lumps on my mare Bahj-Rha.  We did a needle aspiration for the lump under the jaw and had to surgically remove larger pieces of tissue on the side of her neck.


This the lump on the side of the neck is the odd part of this story and question.


The lump is mid-way between her jaw and her shoulder and midway between the bottom of the neck and the top where the mane starts.  The lump is a roundish flat lump that covers the size of my palm.


As my vet went to take 2 samples of the larger soft and pliable lump, she felt a much harder lump in the muscle of the neck.  She tried to remove the hard lump but was only successful in getting about half of it.  This mass was hard and felt like calcified material, almost like bone.  I hope to get test results back before Friday.  I am praying its benign.


My question to the group - how common is it for Cushings/IR horses to develop lumps under the jaw and the side of the neck?    She doesn't really have any of the described fat deposits on her body as the literature describes, but 2 odd lumps in really odd places.


One article I was reading suggested that the lump under the jaw could be a blocked salivary gland since it was one side (right) under the tongue.  So I am not tooooooo worried about that.  But the huge lump on the side of the neck with the underlying hard mass is worrisome.


Its odd and I am grasping at straws as to what the heck could have caused it.


Thanks in advance.


Marion Buntyn

Bennett, Colorado

May 2014

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

This really doesn't sound like anything related to IR.  You did the best thing by biopsying.  Let us know what you find out.

Eleanor in PA
EC Co-owner
Feb 2001




I will post the resuts as soon as they come in.  I have been doing some homework on my own and the only thing that fits the hard lump is a case of Osteomyositis.   I understand that it is a result from a type of injury in the muscle and the body's immune response to the injury.  Considering the location, I would guess that it formed after one of the times I vaccinated her in that area.


So - If that's the case, more than likely its benign and nothing to worry about since it causes her no pain.


Now the part I can't find any information on is the Lipoma like mass that formed above the spot where the osteomyositis formed.  That is peculiar.  Just under the skin, the mass had a white jelly like quality to it and reminded me of fat tissue. 


Just guessing here - the lipoma like mass is about 4 inches in diameter and the osteo lump a little bigger than an American quarter.


One on top of the other and not connected.  My vet could insert her finger between the 2 masses as she collected samples from each.


Other than that - I am reaching until we get the lab results back.  I hate waiting!

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

That's exactly what I was thinking too - injection reaction.  The overlying area is probably fatty degeneration of muscle.

Eleanor in PA
EC Co=owner
Feb 2001