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I haven't posted very often in the past couple of years because the information from this group so improved Hedy's quality of life that once we followed all the recommendations there was no need.  Unfortunately Monday we had to euthanize her.  She had developed what appeared to be seizures which seemed to be related to the angle of her head. In a period of about a week I witnessed two, and a third was likely when I went down to the barn in the morning and she had split her face open requiring 20+ stitches.   She had more medical issues than just her Cushings.  Typical of a grey pony she had melanomas that had grown out of control in the past year or so, and she also suffered from TMJ.  I understand her seizures could be attributed to any of these issues.   

We loved her so much, this has left a huge hole in our hearts.  

I have a partial box of Prascend that I would be happy to sell at a discount to anyone that can use them.  I also have a bag of J-Herb, iodized salt (unopened), flax seed, and an almost new bottle of vitamin E, all of which I am happy to give to anyone that could use it.

If anyone can use any of these just drop me an email at vicki6236@....

Vicki and Hedy

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Donna Coughlin

Fly free Hedy! I know you're joining many beloved horses over that rainbow. Five years ago, I lost a gray thoroughbred who also had melanomas and several seizures the last year of his life. I took him to the clinic when his appetite failed, actually several days before he died, and there were internal tumors everywhere. So I brought him home and he died while playing in the snow with my younger horse. I still feel blessed to have had him in my life for so long, and I know you'll feel the same about Hedy.
Donna Coughlin, Duke, Obi and Robin
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Nancy C

Vicky, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of Hedy.  You are very kind to think of others at this time.  Good for you for the hard work you did to help Hedy get to a better place and enjoy her last years. She loved you for it.May you have many happy memories to help fill the whole in your heart.Nancy C in NHECIR Moderator 2003
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I haven't posted very often in the past couple of years because the information from this group so improved Hedy's quality of life that once we followed all the recommendations there was no need.

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Lavinia Fiscaletti


So sorry for your loss of Hedy. Even when it is the best thing to do, letting them go isn't easy and takes courage. You were a steller mom to her. May the memories of better times eventually fill the hole in your heart.

Thank-you for thinking of others at this difficult time.


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EC Support Team

Elva J Mico

I have no words that will heal the hole in your heart, no words to heal the heartache, in time we learn to cope with them no longer being physically with us. We always miss them and it only helps to know that horse people on this list always go above and beyond to help their horses. All the best to you and to Hedy. Try to remember her spirit and love her always.

Elva and angel Satin


I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Vicki; there are just no words. Fly free, dear Hedy.Jaini (BSc, BVSc),Merlin,Maggie,Gypsy and now EddyBC09ECIR  mod/supporthttp://pets.groups.yahoo.com/group/ECHistory/files/Jaini%20Clougher%2C%20Smithers%20BC/




Dear Vicki,

I too am so deeply sorry for your loss. I will pray for comfort for you & your family. I too, will be losing my precious girl in the near future and the pain I feel even now is sometimes unbearable. We lost our precious dog, Angel, (Golden Lab) yesterday, which leaves yet another empty hole in our lives, And one that can never be patched. I am eternally grateful to Dr Kellon for helping  me to help this dog; (as well as our horse) for so many years, But no matter how much time we have with them, it is always very painful to lose them when your love runs so deep. Hugs,

Kris & Misty

Central Ohio

Oct 2002