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Shawnee has been on a dry lot for 2 months now. His diet is  balanced. Hay ESC and starch is 7.6%. He is not getting any bute. He is extremely comfortable moving in his softrides but is not comfortable without them.

I had labs done at Cornell. 

glucose   112
insulin     125
ACTH       36
Leptin is 2.89
Should his insulin be lower? Or could have it been higher when I first took him off of pasture?
I am having him tested for iron too. I am waiting for those test results still.
Melanie and Shawnee
Aug 2013 Oregon

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melanie,

Yes, his insulin should be much lower. What is the date of these labs and how soon after pulling him from pasture were they?

Yes, the pasture would likely have been pushing the insulin higher but how much higher than what it already was is an unknown. That is also a high glucose, just barely within normal range. Per the IR calculator, he is severely IR and at high risk for laminitis. See the calculator here:

That ACTH is also just outside of normal range so depending on when it was run there is either a seasonal influence starting, a PPID influence or both.

The leptin says he's not IR at baseline so that is a good thing. Means diet and/or PPID are the driving forces in the IR.

Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut

Jan 05, RI

EC Support Team


He has been off pasture for 2 months now. I actually did insulin on 7/24 and it was 118.89. I did not feel confident that his blood was stored properly so I had a retest done with a different vet. Both used Cornell.

She did it on 8/11 and it came back at 125. Last May 2013 his insulin was 120.96. The vet had put him on metformin in June 2013 and by August it was 39-40.(do not know if that is what helped him however he was still suffering from laminitis when it was that low)

The ACTH was run on August 11th at 36. Could iron levels be contributing to this?

Melanie and Shawnee

Oregon Aug 2013


Hi Melanie,
Sorry to hear you're going through this. Your hay in 2013 had high iron and this year iron was excessive. Iron overload could have a role in this. Have you considered testing him for iron overload? I'm going to make some adjustments to his current diet and will send those to you via email.
Kathleen (KFG in KCMO)
Director, ECIR, Inc.
Missouri, USA
December 2005


Hi Kathleen

Thank you so much.

I did have the vet draw blood for iron on Aug 11. Since that goes to Kansas it take I think she said a week and half?? to get the results back. I will post it as soon as I do.

I am going to take him for hand walks with his softrides to provide him some exercise.

I do not have him on bute.

Do I keep him off of the bute?

Melanie and Shawnee

Aug 13 Oregon