NuZu Stabul 1 @ Tractor Supply Facebook


I have been informed by a number of the TSC store managers that the TSC corporate marketing team

follows the blogs that are started on the TSC facebook page. I was asked to have the customers that are interested in getting the NuZu diets through TSC to start commenting on the TSC facebook page. From what I was told these comments will swing more weight then emailing the customer service department.  If TSC starts to stock the diets it will eliminate the minimum order and the freight costs will be considerably cheaper because we will ship in bulk quantities.


No/IL 9/10


I posted on the TSC Facebook page asking about Stabul 1, and the reply was that we can't find that on our products list.  I replied several stores have been ordering it and asked them to contact Randy Anderson. 

Now the post has been removed.

Is there a separate blog section I don't know about?

I also spoke to the manager at our local TSC asking him to contact Randy and he never got back to me.

Carol and Rossi in Maryland 2003