IR donkey needs a new home

Diane Schneider

I posted about this before but I got no response so I will just keep posting periodically hoping someone will see it that would like a donkey or as a companion for their horse who is already doing the IR protocol. Longears is a 12 hand standard donkey, originally a wild/feral BLM burro, now very gentle. I have had him since he was a yearling and he is 18 now. He has foundered but is now sound and I am riding him. I am in Michigan but I am willing to deliver him to almost anywhere for the right home. I no longer have any horses so he is now alone and needs a companion and I am getting out of animals.



Oh Diane! I was going to ask you if you wanted 2 more donkeys.
I boarded Abby Petersons horse at one time. Seems like ages ago now.
I really wish I could help you out and take Longears. I have been having fibromyalgia problems the last 6 years and can barely take care of my guys.
Have you checked out Crossroads Donkey Rescue? They are in MI.

Mary Goldy

Diane Schneider

Hi Mary!  I told Abby I should ask you if you wanted him but I think she said you asked her if I wanted yours!  I could check with the rescue but I really want him to go to a preexisting IR home.  I am hoping someday someone on here will see my post and be looking for a nice donkey to keep their horse or donkey company.


Nancy C

We're getting OT here, so need to move this to ECHorsekeeping.  I understand your goals Diane but this could easily flood  this list.

Please make sure you sign your posts with your name, general location and date you joined the group.  I would think anyone interested would want to see a Case History as well.

Nancy C in NH
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Hi Mary!  I told Abby I should ask you if you wanted him but I think she said you asked her if I wanted yours!  

Diane Schneider

Sorry Nancy!  I realized after I posted that I forgot the proper signature.  Is it not OK to post for a home wanted on the main list?  I should also have added to contact me privately if interested in Longears.

Diane in MI