pony in oregon feet / updated pic

Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Julie,

She looks wonderful! Good job.

Some of them do need lower than the 10% that works for the majority of the horses. What is the starch part of the 9.3%? Possibly, the starch fraction is higher and that packs more of a wallop than the ESC as it is converted 100% to glucose rather than the 50% for the ESC.

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Jan 05, RI
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hello group, 

i have a lot of catching up tp do , people keep dying around me or coming down with very serious systemic diseases so my horses have been put on hold, 

That being said baring any unfortunate incidents and now that I am in possession of new technology in the form of an I phone, I will be posting pics of pony's feet this week for any criticism that needs done.

I am sending the link to a photo taken in Sept of how great she looks now that she has been on her pergolide and ODTBC, she is not completely healed and still has some bouts of heat and soreness in her feet but is sound at walk trot canter (never forced) in her large dry lot we made for her.  

an interesting note, I have been able to obtain some great hay testing out just a hair under 10% s/s   9.3%and been giving to Pony for about 3 weeks waiting for the next shipment of cubes and she has developed a harder crest and warm tender feet. she is super sensitive I assume, but the hay wasn't for her anyway just an emergency back up. 

hoof pics will actually be posted end of the week

Julie in Oregon