APF Dosage & Ok to give with Bute?

Stephanie Stout

Hi All, 

Does anyone have an APF dosage chart or any thoughts on dosages? I just ordered APF for my newly diagnosed Cushings & IR horse that is feeling really icky/loosing weight(with significant rotation). I'm still working on perfecting his Prascend dosage for what works for him. How much APF would you start him on? And, is it okay to give it with Bute? I'm weaning him off the Bute, but he's on 1gram every 30-36 hours right now. He's also on a painkiller(Gabapentin) right now until I can get everything under control as he can't do without it. 

Thanks so much.

Stephanie & King

Oct 2014


Deb Funderburk <hawkhilldeb@...>

Hi Stephanie-- I have been giving Cory 4 ml a day for months. I call it Magic Juice since he loves it so much and it smells so good. I ran out a few days ago and he seems less perky, so I know it is helping him. Thanks for the reminder to order it today. (Cory is around 750 pounds.) I would probably give him more if it weren't so expensive, but he seems to do well on the 4 ml. I don't know about the Bute since, thankfully, Cory seems to be able to do without it now.

I am interested in the gabapentin that King is taking. Can you discuss that a little, since my vet mentioned it last visit as a possibility to help with Cory's heel pain?

Deb and Cory in NC
July 2012

Cheri McDermott

My 1200 pound Arab/QH cross gets APF Plus at 6 mg 2x a day, plus he gets Standard Process's metabolic powder and a Protandim, plus probiotics, aloe vera juice

Stephanie Stout

Hi Deb,

King's been on the Gabapentin for a week now, for his rotation pain. He hurts way too much not have to have some type of pain control, and I wasn't going to give him anymore Bute. The Gabapentin is not the cheapest, but it is quite easier on his kidneys than the Bute(he has kidney sensitivity) so I'm happy with that. He gets it twice per day right now, at a little less than the full dosage. I would say that it is definitely helping him. He's way perkier after he gets it! It's a bit of a pain to deal with - I'm grinding up the pills in a coffee grinder and then have to syringe it. They don't have a pleasant taste so no way will he eat them. But, if it helps him, so be it. I will do anything to help him! 

Does anyone know about how long it will take the APF to work? I started it Wednesday so curious how long it might take to help....

Thanks all!
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