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lj friedman

Someone told me they get generic paraglide capsules for around $60 a month for 1 mg Is this true? Any contact information for this? Lj friedman san diego nov 14

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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lj,

The patented Prascend is available for about $52-$60 per month at 1mg per day. Need to purchase several months at a time for that price, however. Can check this pharmacy:

The compounded pergolide capsules are available for quite a bit less than that, at around $30 for a one month supply of 1mg. Here is one source that many of us use:

Pergolide is not available as a generic.

You will need to have your vet provide a script in order to pursue any of these options. The vet can either give you the script or call the prescription directly into the pharmacy. Here is a link to check if your state requires the vet to provide you with a script for a drug that they are willing to dispense to a client:

Do not use any source that does not require a prescription as that is both unsafe and illegal.

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