WAS: Best Time to Test NOW: Spring

Nancy C

Hi Kerry

Don't panic.  Not yet any way.

Spring can be hard for some IR horses, especially mares.  But it's Feb/Mar, not mid-July.  I'll stick my neck out and say, like me, your mid-July was likely PPID related.

Take a look at Dr Kellon's proceeding on mares at the link below my signature.  I hope she will be doing more at the next conference as well.

There's lots more in the messages archives as well.  this has been noted by the group since 2002.  :-)  If you do an advanced search with drkellon as the author and mares in the message window, you should find lots more discussion.

Gotta run.  If you can't find it, I can help again tomorrow.

Breathe and hug your girl.

Nancy C in NH
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Are there two seasonal rises to worry about with PPID per year? I'm a PPID newbie (since Oct 2014). My mare is(was) also severely IR and has consistently fallen apart each year starting mid-July.

Kerry Isherwood

Fascinating! Thanks so much for the explanation. Ill def look into the archives et al. And ill pull my mares bloodwork to see if there was a bump in the insulin last Feb. Very interesting....

Thanks so much!
Kerry in NY
Sept 2014