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If there is any balancer available that has an open slot to do a balancing now, please email me directly. Thanks LJ Friedman San Diego November 2014

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I'm hoping you already have help, but I if not here's the link a list of Balancers approved by Dr Kellon for helping ECIR Group members.

Go here

Look for

Getting Help with mineral balancing 2015.pdf The Emergency Diet is not to be used indefinitely. Here's how to get help balancing your horse's diet.

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lj friedman

I got this reply from feedxl.. since no balancer can assist..   Does anyone know if tim pellets from mtn sunrise have any selenium?  what are your thoughts on feedxl's recommendations?  I;m not interested in using Horsetech because many of the supplements I use.. are also given to another horse.. so when I make supplememt bags.. I make for 2 horses.. easy.  


hards » Wed Jan 21, 2015 9:46 am

Yes, all based on the data you submitted but if you look at your analysis and also in FeedXL you will see selenium wasn't analyzed and as such can't be included in the FeedXL analysis. You can have Equi-Analytical test for selenium (they will still have your sample so you don't need to submit it again) for you or you could give me an estimated selenium value to add to the database for the pellets. Because a majority of Jesse's diet is made up of the Timothy pellets his diet is coming out as being very, very low in selenium because at the moment there is no selenium showing in the diet from the pellets.
It is going to be important to know as your other supplements aren't going to contain any appreciable amount of selenium so a deficiency will actually exist if the timothy is from a low selenium area.

Your phosphorus is also going to be a true deficiency as your timothy and beet (most of the diet) are both very low in phosphorus. It is a tricky nutrient to add without adding extra calcium - Jesse's diet is quite high in calcium already so something like dicalcium phosphate may not work for you as it brings in too much calcium with the phosphorus - but try it and see if you can meet phosphorus requirements without getting your calcium to phosphorus ratio too high. You could use monosodium phosphate but it needs to be used with care as it will act as a laxative if you use too much. Not being able to feed any sort of grain makes it very tricky to increase phosphorus. Your main issue is that your timothy pellets are very low in phosphorus (0.17%) - do these pellets always come from the same area/same soils?

You also need to get that B1 level up. It is very important for a whole lot of things. Jesse may still make good amounts in his gut but this diet is quite a long way from meeting the NRCs recommended intake. Lots of options for B1 supplements in the Blue supplements tab under 'B-vitamin and calming supplements'.

Hope that helps, it is not going to be easy to balance Jesse's diet with his diet restrictions as well as the ingredients you have available.

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Lorna Cane

>I got this reply from feedxl.. since no balancer can assist..  

There are 16 people on the list to help balance hay.
It is a busy time,but did you contact everyone?

Or do you mean you were waiting for someone to contact you about it,from the message you posted a few days ago?

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I can't speak for all the other balancers, but I don't monitor all the messages on the main list.  I just try to keep up with the highlights, and that could be days after they are posted.

If you need a balancer, contact someone directly on the list.  You are more likely to get help faster that way.

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