Reposting: Chaste Tree Berry Powder Dosing for Overly Marish Behavior

Larks Tabatha

Hi... I posted this question a bit ago on ECHorsekeeping, and was asked to submit it here instead.  Hoping for a reply as I have read that CTB can be helpful for extreme Estrus behavior.

Thanks very much,
Sally in N. AZ
April 2013

Nancy C

Hi Sally

99 percent sure you want to dose to effect.

From Dr Kellon in this fist message
Most owners here with proven cases have used at least 1 oz of the dried powder/day. Dose for the liquid in my trial was 10 mL/200 lbs body weight and the UK trial titrated upward from that to effect, using as much as 120 mL/day.



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Nancy C in NH
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