Selenium vehicle ?

lj friedman

I need to add 2 mg of selenium to my horses supps. I already bought many bottles of puritans pride 1000 iu vit e in soybean oil so I dont want to switch to a vite/sel combo.  Are there any particular brands or types of selenium that I should consider? lj friedman san diego nov 2014,


Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Yes, you can use selenium yeast:

Selenium Yeast Blend

  Eleanor in PA

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Feb 2001

lj friedman

Dr kellon gave links for selenium yeast . I was wondering if selenium is available in a capsule like puritans pride vit e in soy? It would be more convenient if it is an acceptable vehicle for selenium. Lj friedman san diego nov 2014

Kathy Brinkerhoff


In your search for human selenium capsules you on Puritan or Swanson's vitamins you probably noticed the dosage is in mcg.  You said you wanted to supplement  2 mg per horse.  1 mg = 1,000 mcg.  Do the math on cost and number of capsules you would need to supplement.   In my search,  I didn't find equine selenium sold in capsules.    A work around would be for you to purchase empty capsules and load them yourself with 2 mg of an equine selenium product such a Uckele's or Platinum  Performance......or consider putting the individual portion in a small plastic container with a lid.

Kathy Brinkerhoff 

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Hi lj

Would Platinum Performance be a possibility for you? The serving size is tiny and mixes easily into a bucket. There are 453 servings in a pound according to the website. That would be for the suggested 2mgs of Se. ESELP1/

Good luck with your search.

Kathleen M
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