previcox with prascend

lj friedman

I did a search and cant find an answer. Is it ok to give both prascend and previcox at the same time each day?  I'm also thinking about how previcox stays in the horses body for 36 hours, so perhaps every other day on a regular basis and every day for the first week or so?  any thoughts?  lj friedman san diego nov 2014


Nancy C

Hi lj

It's okay to give the drugs at the same time.I do not believe movease can beused with Previcox, but check with mybesthorse.

Can't answer your dosing Previcox question except to say IMO it might be worth a try to keep NSAIDs to a minimum. Check with your vet.

I can't remember if Jesse is IR or not and the labs are not in your CH for me to check. (Can you update please?)  Wanted to pass on good experience with Uckele's Arthroxigen with my non-IR gelding.  Was giving most of the components separately and in nearly the same amounts, with out the success found in using their formula. Has stuff my IR boy cannot have however.

Nancy C in NH
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lj friedman

Labs were  in CH,, let me have a look.  Jesse is severe IR per the IR calculator,, thanks,,

lj friedman san diego nov 2014