U-Balance Foundation pelleted vitamin/mineral from Uckele

Melanie Christensen


Is anyone using the above vitamin/mineral?   My gelding dislikes the taste/smell.  He will eat very little and then roll his pan around.   This is very unusual for him, as he usually gobbles up anything.   I have to admit the smell of ripe bananas does not smell so good to me.

Does anyone have any home made remedies to try and cover this smell?   I would like him to get all of the pellets in him.

Thank you in advance,

Melanie & Clyde, MN

January 2015


Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Melanie,

Contrary to what we might think, for some reason many horses seem to really like the taste/smell of banana - even my supremely picky Arab actually likes it. Go figure.

What are you adding the U-Balance to as a carrier? Try adding only 5-10 pellets to each meal at first. After a day or two, add an additional 5-10 pellets. Work your way up to the full amount as he gets accustomed to the smell/taste/texture. If the carrier isn't wet, you might try misting things with some water to soften and blend them together so it's more difficult to pick it out.

Can also check out the "Introducing New Feeds and Supplements" and the "Picky Eaters Checklist" in this file:


Lavinia, Dante, George Too and Peanut
Jan 05, RI
EC Support Team


Hi, Melanie. I'm not sure exactly which U-Balance Foundation you're using. I'm using one-half the labeled dose of U-Balance Foundation as a basis for mineral balancing one IR mare's diet. I've had two different batches. The latest within the past month is a green pellet that smells like molasses flavoring. When they are wet, they do smell like vitamins (think children's liquid vitamins), but, again, my mares don't object. The December pellets were cream to white.  My trimmer said his mares wouldn't touch the creamy white pellets, but I doubt he tried to ease them into it. My mares ate them out of my hand.

Because I need to tweak the formula to balance my tested hay, I do add small amounts of minerals to get the ratios where I want them. I use both ground flax and a carrier, either softened ODTBC or Nuzu Stabul 1. 

Cass for Satra and Cayuse
Sonoma County, Calif Oct 12


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Is anyone using the above vitamin/mineral?   <snip>

Does anyone have any home made remedies to try and cover this smell?   I would like him to get all of the pellets in him.

Melanie Christensen

Hi Cass,

I use the 1/2 dose of U-Balance Foundation as well.  It is used for balancing the minerals and vitamins in my hay.

A nutritionalist from Uckele suggest the SportHorse formulation,  but I am not sure if an IR horse can eat this, and I want to stick with Dr. Kellon's recommendations.

I will hand feed a bit at a time.   I did read the link Lavinia gave me on introducing new feeds and supplements:  https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/EquineCushings/files/8%20Pulling%20it%20Together/

This helped a lot and gave me the reminder that I need to slow down and take baby steps (sometimes backward steps!) and that Clyde is doing a million times better than he was 2 months ago.

This group is amazing!

Thank you!
Melanie & Clyde,  Minnesota
January 2015