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lj friedman

Jesse had his first set of labs on March 02, 2015  and now on 5/04/15. He has been on 1.0 mg prascend since Jan 2015.  My plan, from the group, was to increase prascend to 1.5 mg if the acth was not in the low to mid 20's, and re test in August. The low thyroid level was not treated as Dr, Kellon suspected sick euthyroid, which would correct itself with proper mineral balancing  etc.  Cornell labs:

                3/02/15                                   5/04/15                   Ref

Gluose       97                                           86                       71-113

Lipemia        7                                             8

Hemolysis    5                                            5

Iceterus        2                                            1

ACTH          40.7                                      32.4                      9-35

Insulin         35.89                                    31.92                   10-40

Leptin           3.18                                      2.86                     1-4

T4  total         0.090              T4immulite     0.623                  1-3

T3                  68.8                                     61.0                    30-80

FreeT4           0.74                                     0.70                   1.2-1.8

Question..  Should I increase to 1.5 mg prascend or should I consider 1.25 as vet is a bit concerned that 1.5 might shut down the acth too much?  Regarding the thyroid, vet doesnt think this is sick euthryoid and thinks that 1/2 scoop of throid L is appropriate. to perk him up. ( I recently purchased J herb for this purpose but havent started yet as it just arrived today)   Point to make.. Jesses supplements balanced from his timothy pellets and balanced from Kathleen, require 3 scoops of Horestech mix. I've never been able to get past 1 scoop but just this past week figured out how to increase the scoops where he will eat it in his 2.4# of bp.. I am now at 2 scoops with no problem and should attempt 3 scoops soon.. Can the inability to get the 3 scoops effect the decision on whether to add the 1/2 scoop thyroid L?  

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lj friedman

Just a quick note.. I read an article from Kenneth Marcella DVM   the myth of equine hypothyroidism at  where Nicholas Frank DVM, says that " it becomes clear that true hypothyroidism is a very rare endocrine disorder in the horse."   I guess this is another reason not to consider thyroid L ? perhaps Dr, Kellon can weigh in as I don't add any meds without ECIR suggestion, thanks.
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Lorna Cane

>  I guess this is another reason not to consider thyroid L ? perhaps Dr, Kellon can weigh in 

Not Dr. Kellon, but here is a great,detailed message from Lavinia to you, Lj, on this topic, back in March:

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Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Lj,

Have you done a search of the archives?  Try putting Kellon Thyro-L into the search box and you will find numerous posts in which Dr. Kellon has discussed and  answered questions on Thyro-L.   I just did a quick search and a post came up where you asked and got an answer to a similar question as you just posted.

BTW, who recommended supplementing Thyro-L to Jesse?  Your new vet?  I thought the vet said his BCS was a 4 +  and he looked great so why the Thyro-L recommendation?   

Kathy Brinkerhoff

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