Cornell labs.. Can just ACTH be sufficient

lj friedman

Makes sense,, I will order acth, insulin and glucose,. thanks  lj friedman san diego nov 2014

Lorna Cane

It depends on what August brings for him.
But if he were mine I'd be keeping an eye on the insulin and glucose numbers.

lj friedman

Jesse started prascend Jan 2015,. On 3/02 and 5/04 I did full Cornell labs: acth, insulin, glucose,leptin and full thyroid. On 5/10 I increased his prascend to 1.5 mg because his ACTH was not yet in low to mid 20's.  So, when I re-test for the seasonal rise in August, I'm thinking that getting JUST the acth test is sufficient.  Make sense?  lj friedman san diego nov 2014