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Nancy C

Hi lj

If IR is brought under control, presumably leptin resistance is as well and the "stop eating" function is normalized.

This is a gradual event IME. The horse goes from consuming everything to slowly doing with less.  Usually I have seen it in hay consumption.

That said sometimes they just don't feel like eating the meals.  This is unlike pain putting them off feed and is transitory.  For example, when a new crop of hay comes in, that is where Beau will go and will sometimes not eat all his supps for a day or so. 

You my be seeing normalization.  Maybe not.  Blood work results might help point a conclusion. Would love to have your CH updated and link provided.

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Question about the easy keepers.  Isnt it correct that when a horse is  on a well controlled  diet, with correct  meds and trim and  his appetite control hormones might improve, hence he wont be eating everything like he is starving.. hence , this can be a good thing?