How to find things in the ECIR Group. Save this post.

Nancy C

We have a lot of new members.   Learning to navigate Yahoo, especially NEO, takes a bit of work. Once you have it though, the resource is invaluable. If you are trying to find a particular file or topic discussion, and having trouble, please speak up. You are not alone and by asking you will help others.

There’s so much info here, the links below can help you negotiate the learning
curve and find background to questions and issues:

** DDT+E - Diagnosis, Diet, Trim plus Exercise - What is it?

Once at the above page, click on the list to the left for even more detail.

****START HERE folder.  Similar to above but also has other great files. including how to start a Case History.

** What blood testing do I need for diagnosis?

** How to get help with Mineral Balancing

** How to search the FILES sections for documents with NEO.  You must be a member to do this. Go to the FILES section via the web page

At the top of your browser window, look for the SEARCH FILES WINDOW and enter your search word(s).  Try Diagnosis, for example.  All docs with diagnosis in them will appear.  In this case DDT Diagnosis, diagnosing Insulin Resistance, IR Pony Field Study, Low Dose Dex test and more all came up. Click on the Topic heading to open the document.

** Archived Messages - How to Search this treasure trove of information and
history in the NEW NEO format

** Current Case History filing cabinet accepting new member info.  You must join this History group just like you did in the main ECIR Yahoo group.

Links to ALL Case History Sites  (Scroll down to  Links to ECIR History Sites.pdf) 

***What you need to do to get hoof help. How to get good pictures.

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*** Donate to the ECIR Group Inc.  nonprofit!

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REMEMBER: If you get an error message when clicking on a link or tiny URL, check your BROWSER WINDOW and remove pets. from the URL. You may also need to clean your Cache/history.

We know this is an extra step when you are in high anxiety.  Hang in there.  It gets easier. 

If you are lost, speak up.

Suzanne Mansolilli

Hi--I'm just catching up reading yesterday's daily digest and came upon these posts about adding to the Pergolide database, Prascend experiences and navigating the website -- all things that are on my list of things to do -- and am trying to save the posts to my files, and for the life of me I can't figure out how to save a post.  Help, please!!


Western Colorado 2014


Hi Suzanne,
You can save the post by just flag and save/archive it in your email program.  Or you could  click on the the subject link in the daily digest and then bookmark the webpage it directs you to. Or you could  copy the message from the digest and it into a document and save it on your computer.

No need to save the post for the database, just go here and fill out the form.  It takes less than 10 minutes.

- ​LeeAnne, Newmarket, Ontario

ECIR Archivist 03/2004


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Roger and Carol Watkins <WATKINS@...>

Dear Group,
I am simply not computer savy enough to submit my proper information but I do want to put Beatles numbers in the data base so I will post them here..... In October of 2014 Beatle (20 year plus Shetland pony) was tested for ACTH and his number was 1133pg/ml. This group suggested 3mg pergolide per day. I retested last month and his ACTH number was 36.3! He is still shedding out, but the hair that is coming in is straight and shiny. Prior to shedding he looked like a poodle! He seems to be happier and even nickers to me when I come in the barn and will sometimes trot to the barn when his time outdoors (with grazing muzzle) is over. I have a friend who has cushings horses and when I told her that Beatles dose of Pergolide was 3mg she said that sounded very high. She told her vet and he was alarmed and said he had never heard of such a high dose. So I began to doubt and wonder if I was doing the right thing AND I WAS - thanks to this group. My farrier does not think that Beatles sore feet are caused by a problem in his feet, but rather maybe in his shoulders and hips. Finding another farrier is simply not an option for a variety of reasons. I have questions - where do I go from here - but will post another time. I did try to fill out a new case history last week and it never showed up. Yahoo groups used to be so easy to use. Why to the computer gurus have to change things that are working just fine.
Carol and Beatle in Wisconsin

Suzanne Mansolilli

Thank you LeeAnne!  I did fill out the form.  

The file-saving info is helpful to keep all this info accessible and organized!

Colorado, July 2014