Frequency of body clipping?

lj friedman

Jesse was full bodclipped  on  June 06, 2015.. We are having some heat here.. 98 degrees, etc and I notice some light sweating.. Could be part of seasonal rise as well.   June 06 was his first body clip.. Is it fine to do another full clip now?  lj friedman san diego nov 2014

lj friedman

I read archives and it seems appropriate to clip at this time. thanks.


Hi LJ,

I happen to be online so ill offer this:

As long as you're willing and able to blanket as necessary come winter, then its perfectly fine to body clip now.  Our horses here in NY have already shed & have starting growing their winter coats, so a body clip now, once the winter coats begin, can alter the eventual heating efficiency that an unclipped horse might enjoy, but you being in south Cali prob lessens that possibility to almost nil  ;)

If you havent clipped in years past, be prepared for Jesse to possibly become a whole new...unusual...color, which may permeate thru til Spring (again, bc the tips of the developing winter coats are sheared off). But, since all of our horses on here are on balanced, healthy diets (presuming), you should still find a beautiful gleaming Jesse under the fluff--just possibly a different-colored Jesse!

Personally I keep both of my IRs body clipped year round; my PPID mare doesnt have hirsutism yet (thick wavy coat) but bc she's part draft with naturally longish, coarse hair I usually body clip the torso monthly from May thru Oct (meaning, wherever theres large muscle mass, for maximal heat dissipation). I use this example to show that frequent clipping does no damage to horse nor hide, though does incur aggravation to the poor person doing the clipping (ie, me). ;)

Best of luck, no doubt Jesse will relish his nakedness. How's he doing with his exercise regimen?

Kerry in NY
Sept 2014

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I read archives and it seems appropriate to clip at this time. thanks.


Where you live, it'll probably be just fine.   Where I live clipping now is bordering on too late in the season for them to have enough hair grown back before winter to not need a blanket at least for awhile.


MT 9/04

lj friedman

thanks for the reply.. Where I board, the bo is big on blanketing.. so Jesse gets a blanket at nite when weather gets  cooler..  His workouts are good.. I started him on pentosan and did a session with the centurion blanket that helped as well. I plan to hop on him next week. for my first time ever... got ok from vet. . lj friedman san diego nov 2014


I think that it might have benefited my mare to have been body clipped all year long.  It may have eliminated the "scurf" and rain rot she'd get during winter blanketing.  Her coat wasn't thick just had a lot of guard hairs.  Not sure as the scurf was usually in areas that were rubbed and the hair was short anyway, but wanted to toss that out for discussion.  
- ​LeeAnne, Newmarket, Ontario

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Tina Martin

I made the mistake of bodyclipping Rio a second time late July last year (first clip was in early May) and will never do it again!  He developed a real ugly strangely colored coat with coarse longer hairs and no under coat which he kept until the new coat grew in this spring.  We called it the "rat coat" and I was very happy when it disappeared!

This year I only clipped him once in May and his coat is a bit longer than normal at this point.  He sweats easily but I keep him cool by turning him out nights and keeping fans going in his stall during the day.

I will never clip him twice again for fear of the "rat coat" returning :)

Ellijay, GA
May 2011