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What is ODTBC?

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Hello, there timothy cubes that's 10% or lower in sugar and starch.. I'll include the web sight info.. hope this helps... a lot of the cushing and IR horses use this..

Ontario Dehy Timothy Balance Cubes For Equine Nutrition

Free of viable weed seeds.
A forage replacement or forage supplement for mature horses balanced for mineral fortification.
A consistent, convenient, low protein forage replacement or supplement. Made with our very best Premium grade Timothy hay, Beet Pulp and specific minerals. Specifically formulated for horses with Equine Cushings Disease, Insulin Resistance, Laminitis, and other related conditions where a nutritious diet low in non-structural carbohydrates is recommended.
Net Wt. 50 LBS (22.7 kg)
- See more at: https://www.triplecrownfeed.com/products/forages/timothy-balance-cubes-equine-nutrition-equinenutrition/#sthash.OQB68JsD.dpuf

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What is ODTBC?