Message 195783 Hard Swollen Sheath

Donna Powell

Ulysses hard swollen sheath....the vet put him on antibiotics...4 dosages of EXCEDE followed by 2 weeks of Doxy (we are 10 days into the Doxy).  She said that the hard swollen part was scar tissue (from inflamation/infection) and the soft swollen was from inactivity.  She further stated that a portion of the hard swelling would not go away and the soft swelling would with antibiotics and excercise.  As to what started the infection...who knows...I keep him clean, but he does have a compromised immune system...It is showing signs of going back to almost normal and he is happier and not resting that left hind leg like he used to.  Hope this helps those who were following.

Donna May 2011

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Sharon Manning

Hi Donna,
Thanks for posting as my boy Blaze has the Hard Swollen Sheath also, so I have been following your post. I had come to the conclusion that his is from hormonally active tissue in the groin area (he is MS/IR/PPID) but your post have me really confused now. May I ask the reference to the “hard” part… when feeling that is it like irregular lumps of hard tissue? Blaze feels like there is something inside that is hard and rough, sharp even….My vet has never seen or felt anything like it. 
Did your guy have blood work that showed infection? How was it determined, as I might need to get Blaze more blood work done.