equerrys large animal probiotics.. meal form

lj friedman

For my horse without ppid/ir.. my vet suggested probiotics.. I bought the product above. Is this something I should also give to a ppid/severe IR horse, Jesse?  lj friedman san diego nov 2014


Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Lj,

Why did the vet suggest probiotics? Unless there is a problem, probiotics are generally not needed for a healthy horse. Won't hurt (except your wallet) but won't help either.

Horses need probiotics with numbers in the billions, not millions, so the Equerry's product doesn't contain enough of anything to be effective.

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lj friedman

My other horse.. is having loose manure.. not crazy loose, but you can see liquid when you sweep the manure away., and her vet suggested probiiotics.  lj friedman san deigo nov 2014 


Hi, Lj - For discussions about horses that don't have PPID or IR, head over to the EC Horsekeeping list.  In any case, as Lavinia says, the Equerry won't do you much good, as there are not enough CFU's (Colony Forming Units) in it.  Try Ration Plus, Forco or Equine Generator.  You can also go to advanced search, type "Kellon" in the author box and "Prebiotic" in the message box.

lj friedman

author and message box...   can you send a snapshot of how/ where this auotor/message box is?  thanks.. lj fridman san diego


This new Neo is so NOT user-friendly.  To search the conversations with author and message:

Go to Conversations.  At the top is the Search Conversations box.  Type anything in there (like Kellon).  The *next* page that comes up is the one you want.  Click on Advanced Search in the right hand corner.  Then you will get a page that allows you to type in the author, the subject if you want (I almost never use that box), and you can put one or two words into the Message box.


An addendum to this post.  Every month, there are Public Service Posts that come out to help people negotiate this site.  Here is the one about How to Find Things in the ECIR Group. Save this post.



In particular, here is the message about how to search conversations:



Lisa S

I'm glad you responded to LJ's post, because I am in Prevention Mode for my three IR horses and have been looking for a better probiotic. I have never heard of Equine Generator, but it looks like it fills the bill! 

Re: the Ration Plus and Forco, I have used both of those, but understood that they are prebiotics, not probiotics, and as such do not contain any cfu's. As far as you know, is that correct? I do like to mix up my gut health products occasionally (as long as they are IR-safe) to sort of hedge my bet. Nothing scientific in this approach, just going with MY gut! LOL

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