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Hi, Sue - I know you are doing everything you can for Princess; from your insulin numbers, it does look like her insulin has decreased (could be due to weight loss).  Did you get an ACTH on her at the beginning of 2015 when you got her insulin?

Anyway, I am just writing to report one little anecdote on my place that goes to show how a tight diet can sometimes become not so tight.  My little crew have been on tested hay and balanced minerals for quite some time now.  Five or six months ago I started adding flax oil to the BP along with ground flax seed.  Then I started adding olive oil, as well (just a "splash" - ha!)  I have absolutely no good reason for doing that, except to increase omega 3's (which were already adequate) and as a taste-tempter (which wasn't necessary).   The most sensitive horse, Maggie, started looking just a little "off".  The winter came, and the least sensitive horse, Ranger (compensated IR QH) got the dreaded swollen sheath.  REALLY swollen.  I pulled out all stops and walked him in the snow for an hour every day, and then thought: "Duh!"  His sheath went down 50% due to the walking.  Once I stopped all the oil, his sheath returned to a normal size in a matter of days; and Maggie started striding out like a small Secretariat once again.

It seemed like such a small, small thing, to add a little extra oil (total 4 tablespoons or about 100 mls), but it had a big impact.

I know it looks like we keep harping on diet and so on; but, as you know, the Diagnosis, Diet and Trim have to all be in place at the same time for optimal results.  If there is anything in her diet that might be causing an issue (alfalfa, extra fats/oils, etc) it could be worthwhile to stop it; or anything missing, like Vitamin E, it is definitely worthwhile to add it.  In addition, as far as diagnosis goes, if, heaven forbid, she now has Cushings, then her immune system will be suppressed and make it hard to fight off infection.  If she has Lyme, her feet will continue to hurt.

I do know this is a  tough time; keep breathing, and keep the possibility of Lyme, Cushings, and dietary hiccups in the back of your mind.

Hugs to Princess,