18 year old Morgan mare


I'm in the process of learning about and coping with founder and now understand giving Bute for too long can hinder healing. I gave it from May 26th through June 7th because I couldn't get a correct diagnosis and then from June 17th up to today. Her xrays were June 20th and the last vet instruction was to keep my horse on 1 gram a day. I have been giving Sis's Gut Support with cat's claw, chia, marshmallow root, and licorice to help with a buffer because I didn't know what else would help. I should be taking her off Bute since I have corrective trimming, boots, small paddock turnout and hay analysis/soaking in place? 
Thanks so much,
Stephanie in Maryland 2022

Sherry Morse

Hi Stephanie,

Without a case history it's difficult to answer this question but if she was put on bute for a laminitis caused by elevated insulin you can wear her off of it. Bute does not help with this sort of laminitis.

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