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Hi again, 
I'm sorry to have so many little questions and a thousand thank yous for your help! So, I started giving the Prascend tablet in a Fig Newton and Bella figured out it was in there so I've been eating the Fig Newtons. I knew I shouldn't go to apples next, but in desperation,  I bit off a piece and wedged  1/2 the tablet in the flesh of it and dipped it in no-added sugar apple sauce and now she won't eat that either ( she did take it this way for several days, but i stsrted SandClear Friday bc im worried about the sand in her dry lot and made the mistake of wetting her feed Sat which gunked up everything else and she refused her feed twice). I'm guessing bc I'm splitting the tablet she can smell it. How do I hide the Prascend pill or get her to eat it? 
Also, having just read another post,  I know I need to change her balancer,  but I've been feeding her 2 handfuls of Enrich with Smart pak senior combo, "Metabo-lean" (also Smartpak), and raspberry leaves. I know I need to change all that. 
Thanks so much!
Stephanie in Maryland 2022

Sherry Morse

Many of us find it easiest to syringe the pills.

As a matter of housekeeping could you please change the subject of your email to reflect the new question?

As noted in your welcome letter we do not recommend commercial balancers as they don't usually balance anything. Follow the emergency diet until you can get your hay tested.

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Trisha DePietro

Hi Stephanie. I've been where you are. I did that routine for 2 horses for 4 years. I changed carriers, tried all sorts of different taste tempters and ultimately, they might eat that particular version of food with the Prascend in it, but they would always in the end refuse it. So, I now dissolve the Prascend in a very small amount of warm water and I add a very small amount of a peppermint food flavoring ( no sugar and safe for IR horses)  and use a syringe that has a curve to the mouth piece. I played with just the peppermint flavoring for about 3 days- 2 or 3 times a day...and then slowly added in the tablets...and no problem now.  They don't refuse to eat their supplements with the carrier at all. And I am always certain they are receiving the full dose. I syringe it slowly so they have a chance to swallow it...and I don't point the syringe directly onto the tongue I turn it towards the cheek and its has made my life and their life so much better. If you still want to keep trying to give it with their food ....  Have you seen our picky eater checklist? here's the link to it. Picky eater's checklist (groups.io)      
Trisha DePietro
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