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My consult with vet about continuing treatment of lyme and cushings did not go well. Vet stated she would not treat lyme again, did not think there would be enough benefit from doing oral antibiotic to balance the benefit against potential hit to gut etc. I had already increased prascend dose to 2 without her blessing and she wants me to put it back to 1 1/2 and test in October. She thinks we are "too soon out the gate" to go high as 2..thinks max benefit of dose hasn't been reached yet. She said she consulted with colleagues at Cornell and they all said no to lyme. no to compounding and no treating the seasonal rise. I guess I give up and in or look for another vet which there are few of in my area.?!?

Amy and Kat

May 2016

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Lorna Cane

On Thu, Aug 11, 2016 at 06:21 am, Amy wrote:
I guess I give up

 Whoa, Amy !!

Deep breath. Deeper breath.

Lots of members have been there.

We'll help walk you through it. I'm not as experienced with this particular battle first hand,but I know that others who have are vibrating, and anxious to jump in.


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Kathy Brinkerhoff

Hi Amy,

I think your plan to look for a new veterinarian in your area is a good idea.  When you contact them and before you have them out and are charged a farm call ask him/her how she treats PPID horses in her practice?  Will he prescribe a compounded pergolide?  What if your horse is not controlled based on blood work results from Cornell on her current dose?  Will he/she up the dose based on test results or does he treat based on "appearance"?   I am sure other members can add to this list. :-)

FWIW, your vet's comments that she consulted with her colleagues at Cornell rings as kind of vague to me.  Who is/are the colleague/s?  My response any time I have asked a question regarding PPID treatment, etc, is that Cornell runs the tests and does not recommend treatments.  I called just now and the staff veterinarian is on vacation until Monday.  Her name is Dr. Barbara Schanbacher.  I asked the woman who answered the phone if it's their policy is to not recommend compounding pharmacies for PPID treatment and she said that is not within their realm so no they wouldn't say you can't use a compounding pharmacy nor do they recommend Prascend over a compounding pharmacy.  Nor do they make dosage recommendations. Anyway, I will make a call on Monday and run these same questions past her to confirm that what I was told is correct.  This woman also offered to transfer me to the Serology Department to ask about their recommendations on treating Lyme's and if they in fact said no to Kat's treatment based on her latest results.  I was routed to voice mail and didn't leave a call back number.  I suggest you call the Serology Dept.  I always identify myself as horse owner so there is no confusion on who is calling.  The switchboard number for Diagnostic Health is 607-253-3900.  Explain what information on Lyme's that you are looking for and ask them to direct you to the appropriate person/department.

I am sure other members will have suggestions for you.

Kathy Brinkerhoff

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Kathy Brinkerhoff

Meant to give you the Endocrinology Department (Dr. Schanbacher)  number which is 607-253-3673


Paula Hancock

Hi Amy,

How is Kat doing?  It sounds like your vet has made up her mind and has her reasons, whether right or not.  Did Kat have gut issues when she was on antibiotics before?  Instead of giving up and in, figure out what support you can get from this vet while you look for someone who is willing to work with you.  You may find it helpful to chat with people at tack shops, feed mills or other horsey venues to see who they use.  You will still need to interview any prospective vet to see if they would be more helpful than the current one, but networking can be very useful.  The closest person in the members data base is in Oswego and you can contact her to see who she knows.

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