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Kim Leitch

I have trimmed Bella three times now, but I am unconfident, I really need your advice.  I posted front pics after I trimmed her yesterday. She kicks so badly with the rear feet, that I am not doing well on them.  The girl that takes the pictures is afraid to take the rear ones, for fear her camera will become a casualty. The rears had the worst rotation, and I am able to lower the heels, barely, I can't work on the toes. On the fronts, I have lowered the lateral walls more than the medial, and she is standing and walking much straighter, but she still toes out slightly. I am afraid to take too much toe, since she has so much heel.  Her collateral grooves measure 1 1/4-1 1/2 inches at the back. Her frogs appear to be sloughing off this trim.
Her feet became comfortable after four days on a correct diet, but I have hesitated to work her on line to improve her manners, because her feet are so compromised.
I know you are busy, but I would appreciate markups.
Kim 10-2014

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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Kim,

What you've done so far is good. You have plenty of foot to work with so you can lower the heels and bring back the toes more on the fronts - LF more than the RF. You only need 1" in those collateral grooves in the back half and 3/4" at the true tip of the frog.

Not fun when you're being kicked at - that's a behavior thing that needs to be addressed right where she's standing. I know some exercise helps blow off excess energy but she needs to understand that kicking at people isn't allowed. Period.

I'll get some mark-ups done for you, probably on Monday.

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