Syringe supplements

Sharon Manning

I have tried to search for syringing in supplements/salt but nothing pops up. Can someone direct me to some posts? I need to get the supplements and salt down the hatch.





LeeAnne Bloye <ecir.archives@...>

Hi Sharon,

Searching for messages can be tricky (these searches never seem to work super well but How to Search the Messages can get you started learning how to effectively (sort of) searching messages.  

In the Pulling it Together Folder there are tips for tricky situations:  

Introducing New Feeds and Supplements.pdf 

Picky Eaters Checklist.pdf - has some tips on getting things into horses


- ​LeeAnne, Newmarket, Ontario - Email me

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Maxine McArthur

Hi Sharon

There was a recent thread in May on this. Try a search for "introducing minerals". It came up for me.


Maxine and Indy

Canberra, Australia 2010