Vitamin supplements/ herbal supports/ flax found vs seed


Hi Cheryl,
I took a look at the Dr Reeds supplements. Both Formula 1 and Formula 2 have wheat and molasses in them. Those items must be eliminated from the diet of an IR horse.

Have you had blood tests run on your horse yet for Insulin, ACTH, Glucose and Leptin? I don't see any blood test results in her case history.

You can upload your hay analysis into your case history folder so our moderators can view it.

I am not a moderator here but I can tell you there are NO magic bullet supplements out there. It is all about creating a well balanced SAFE diet. IMO you should stop feeding the Dr. Reeds supplement.

Did you have your horse's diet balanced for you by an ECIR balancer?

 You need to feed minerals (and possibly protein) to balance the minerals in your horse's hay. A diet balancer will provide you with the list of minerals and quantities that you need to balance the hay being fed. You may find there is a  commercial mineral mix for sale that is close enough to what is needed for your hay but you need a Diet Balancer to help you with this.

Flax seed can be fed ground or whole. You need to feed aprox 4 oz of whole seed. If you can grind it fresh each day with a coffee grinder you can feed about 2 oz per day. You can also purchase a stabilized ground flax seed and feed 2 oz per day of that. 2 oz is about 56-57 grams.

Hope this helps a bit. 

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Cheryl Oickle

Hi I am overwhelmed with information regarding the above.  I currently use Dr. Reeds pelleted vitamin/mineral supplement and have for years.  My mare is currently on half a cup a day. I am considering a trial of herbal remedies produced by silver linings herb from the US , and the two I am interested in are laminae support and pituitary support.  Is there contraindications to these while on the vitamin supplement? As well lots of information on flax.  Do you recommend ground or whole and how much do you feed.?  My mare is on 1 mg pergolide and doing well...this last week.
Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018