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I just had my mini Colleen tested for PPID.  Her lab result was 537 pg/mL.   I had her tested because she did not shed out fully this summer.  Now I need to start her on Pergolide.  The vet recommended 1 mg.    Is Pergolide mesylate the right stuff?   I read the info on the ecir site about PPID and I understand I should go up to 1 mg. gradually to prevent the Pergolide veil.  Would I just tell my vet that that's what I want to do and then he writes the prescription for it?  The pharmacy web site I looked at didn't have any prices.  Does Pergolide not come in smaller doses than 1 mg. and the compounding pharmacy could make up smaller doses, yes?  Would the vet write a prescription for the whole order to be the smaller dose?  I'm sorry if these are dumb questions. 

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I recently started my horse on compounded pergolide, back in Sept of 2018. I am getting the prescription filled at Wedgewood Pharmacy. I found it frustrating to look for prices for compounded pergolide as they just weren't posted. I had to call and ask for pricing. The pergolide  mesylate is available in several forms. I decided to order 1mg flavored chewable tablets as they can easily be cut into 1/4 or 1/2 tabs. This way my horse could be gradually worked up to the 1 mg dose. He got 1/4 tabs for 8 days then 1/2 tabs, then finally the full 1 mg tablets. The tablets can also be easily crushed into a powder. The barn manager found that he wouldn't eat the full tablets unless they were crushed first.

I also bought the adaptogen APF. I had learned about it from ECIR posts. It helps prevent or lessen the pergolide veil. I got my horse started on the APF a few days before beginning the pergolide. My horse never experienced any noticeable symptoms of pergolide veil and I attribute that to the APF. I used just one bottle of APF then stopped it.
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