footing for dry lot

Cheryl Oickle

We use field dressing.   It’s a sand....not too fine doesn’t pack nor wash away easily with laminitic horse loves it!

Cheryl and Jewel
Oct 2018


My pony is doing so well and she is moving around very nicely with her softride boots on, For part of the day, she has been going in a large makeshift stall at the end of the barn aisle so she has more room and a change of scenery. We are sticking to her emergency diet, she will hopefully be getting another trim this week. What I am wondering is how to go forward in getting her some exercise? I lead her up and down the soft shavings covered aisleway of the barn, but how do I determine how much to increase the distance and when?? Should I keep her soft ride boots on? I am afraid to turn her out in the small lot I made for her outside as she had a flare up late December when she was spending time in it. I would like to designate an area that can be a dry lot which would be fairly small and half circle shaped behind a round pen. What kind of footing would work best? I was thinking a fairly thick layer of screened sand rock and another thick layer of pea gravel on top of the sand rock. We would have to have a drainage area through it from the round pen. I appreciate any advice and tips from all who have made a successful dry lot!
Tucker and Indigo
NC, Nov 2018