T-Birds Case History Form.PDF

Jennifer Boydstun

I loaded T-birds case history (T-Birds Case History Form) and most recent x-rays (Jennifer and T-Bird) I am looking for someone to review.
I have tested Orchard hay analysis with ESC 6.1 + Starch .5 = 6.7%  and am looking for someone to review and mineral balance. I tried to load hay analysis and could not at this time will try later today after going to the barn. 
We have had a difficult time with T-Bird in the last three months with a Rhino virus, then laminitis episode that foundered him to now running a high fever 103.9 (normal for this horse 97.5) with no resolution through testing,vet started IV anti-biotics Thursday 4-18-19 as last resort, it has seemed to help with reducing temp. Could all these issues be due to high insulin levels?
At this point I am hoping the ECIR group can help us bring him back.
Jennifer Boydstun
For T-Birds Windrunner- Tennesse Walker
Folsom Ca. 

Lorna Cane

Hi Jennifer,

So sorry T-Bird is having such a struggle. Let's try to help him.

You mentioned in a message last year that you were going to set up a case history. You were in panic mode then,but have you managed to do that?

Please attach the link to it to your signature,so that the volunteers can see all the details in one place,and try to get him healthy again.


Lorna  in Kingston, Ontario, Canada
ECIR Moderator



Jennifer, here is the link for T-birds case history folder. Your hay analysis pdf is also with this folder. 


I have added it to your signature. I believe it should now show in your signature.
Bonnie Snodgrass 07-2016

ECIR Primary Response 

White Cloud, Michigan, USA

Mouse Case History, Photo Album

Jennifer Boydstun

Hello Bonnie-

Thank you so much for helping me. I thought I had added all files last night to my signature...then laying in bed realized i still needed to hyper-link them. 

Thank you-


Jennifer Boydstun
Folsom, Ca.
For T-Birds Windrunner- Tennessee Walker