Lateral RH hoof x-rays clear-Fluid in stifle, best treatment for stifle injury?

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RH x-rays-clear, I will post when emailed to me but fluid in RH stifle joint, vet wanted to do blocks and further testing but unable to at this time due to expense, so I want to treat with gradual work back into exercise. How long for stall rest then what is a good schedule for gradual work back into riding-- wanted to get your ideas?!  She is off on RH, so without further testing I want to treat this as a stifle injury. I had been doing hill work 3 days a week 3-5 mins each way w/2 min. rest in between which has been improving her top line. In the arena walking and trotting over poles 180 degrees apart so she can become more aware of her feet(she has decreased sensation in hind end) and both these exercises are to strengthen hind end. Also working on sideways off the fence(is sideways bad for stifles?) forequarter turns on the ground and in the saddle and riding and backing up on a loose rein to learn body ques and wide circles around a target, on a loose rein-correcting as needed, 5 times each way, resting in middle at a walk and trot. These were 2-3 x week, not all on the same day, often hill therapy was on a different day but I am stopping everything, how long should she be on stall rest?


Von Schwen
April 2019
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