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One more question - has enybody used homeopathic preparats for PPID horse?  
Barbora and Shakira 
Slovakia, 2019

Nancy C

Hi Barbora 

If you mean to control the disease, homeopathics cannot do that.  Nor can Chaste Tree Berry. You need to replace the lost neurons. Right now pergolide is the drug that has had the most reliable result for doing this. Some folks have used cabergoline with success. Herbal and homeopathic treatment cannot.
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I know this is an old topic but I really wanted to respond to this to let people know it IS possible to keep horses stable on homeopathic remedies.

I am a classical homeopath from the Netherlands, specialised in treating horses, I have ample experience treating horses with EMS and PPID - my own and many from clients - and so far I am pretty succesfull in doing so. I have serveral PPID-horses that I'm treating that are now on a 'mantainance' remedy to keep their ACTH in check and they are doing well, even for serveral years now and some even back on grazing serveral hours a day while they foundered on very little grass when they came to me. One horse had a ACTH-level close to 1000, I already treated him for IR but changed to treating for PPID and we monitored his ACTH-level closely. He dropped to normal levels without ever getting pergolide and he's steady and healthy with normal ACTH levels for 4 years now, we only have to increase dosage during the season rise to keep him well (this is alto monitored with bloodtests).

I have many horses that come to me with IR-related complaints - some owners even already considering euthanasation - and I've helped most of them getting back to a fairly normal 'metabolic profile'. Of course management is still most important but they get back to normal much quicker than without treatment. I have treated horses that didn't make any progress on any of the treatments and management that they got (including ECIR-protocols) and turned things around for them, now being sound and ridden again and able to get some grazing even. 

However, it is not a 'do it yourself' thing or 'standarised treatment'... 
Homeopathy is not about 'herbs'/tinctures etc. but a treatment using homeopathic potentiated remedies and a decent 'homeopathic treatment' is not the same as 'buying an over the counter homeopathic remedy'. You'll  need the help of a classical homeopath that is familiar with working according to the classification of dissease and knows how to work with Q potencies and certain nosodes. A well prespcribed homeopathic treatment can do só much for these horses and it pains me to see people dismissing a very good and succesfull alternative just because they are unfamiliar with it.



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I am likely coming in on an older thread-
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But wondering how I can contact Francis 1-1 to discuss homeopathy-

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When posting completely unproven therapies we at least expect to see detailed case histories with copies of the  lab  results so we can look for sampling and handling issues, etc. This group offers information based on evidence. What you have posted is not evidence. It's an anecdote. "Pretty successful" and "fairly normal" are not our goals. I do know what classical homeopathy is, and find it fascinating, but have yet to see any actual proof/evidence that it works.
Eleanor in PA

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