Rocky Mountain Horses

Kathy Thomas


Could someone please send me a link re Rocky
Mountain Horses and  Cushings?
This is for a friend of mine. 
Kathy 2017 and Donna


Harrowsmith, Ontario

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

Hi Kathy,

All breeds are at risk for PPID and the disease is no different in Rocky Mountain Horses but since this breed seems to be one of the high risk breeds for EMS the Rocky can be at higher risk for laminitis than a breed that does not have EMS.
Eleanor in PA 
EC Owner 2001


What Dr. Kellon said... My Rocky is IR, not diagnosed with Cushings yet but is definitely a candidate - at this point I'm just assuming he'll eventually test positive.  Metabolic issues seem to be quite common in the breed, likely 'cause they were bred to be easy keepers, and that seems to come with the territory.

There is a FB group specifically for Rockies with metabolic issues:

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