Nitrates and laminitis - now riding?


Thanks everyone and Dr. Kellon!

What you said makes sense, and I have to believe there is validity in these peoples' observations, having just lived it.

So now my question is if I can safely ride Shahtahr now that he feels better?  He was on and off sore for about a week.  Never to the point that he didn't want to move, but definitely sore.  He is acting normal now, striding out confidently.  I had been checking for heat the whole time with a surface temp gauge and he never had any.  Do I need to wait several months for some foot to grow out?  Dr Kellon mentioned that it's not clear if there is physical damage or not when the pain is caused by high nitrates.  But if I don't ride him, he's not going to get much exercise, other than when he runs around fretting when the trainer takes my other horse out twice a week, which might worsen his IR.   I'm thinking maybe just short trail rides at a walk for the next couple of months?  Help!  I weigh 135 if that means anything as far as weight-bearing.

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Paula Hancock

On Thu, Jun 27, 2019 at 06:47 AM, Jennifer Fleet wrote:
So now my question is if I can safely ride Shahtahr now that he feels better? 
Hi Jennifer,
Glad he is doing better!  It is a lot easier to answer your question after reviewing your case history and current foot photos.
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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

I'd go ahead and ride him. Just stop if he comes up sore.
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