KER newslettter with published research suggesting twice daily Pergolide adminstration


I'm not a professional researcher but that KER piece seems terribly inaccurate in it's details of PPID. 


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Thank you, Dr. Kellon. I got pretty excited there for a minute, until I saw your new information. 

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Not for nothing but what immediately jumped out at me is the size of the 'study' - I'm not even sure 6 horses could be an actual study.  Add to that no control group to compare 2x a day dosing vs. 1x a day dosing and my mind immediately says 'this would need a lot more subjects and better guidelines to actually be meaningful'.

I am quite the cynic on stuff like this.

Eleanor Kellon, VMD

 That study found the same pharmacodynamics as did McFarlane and other studies. The Rendle study followed horses new to pergolide and only sampled up to 12 hours after a dose. They found ACTH fluctuated but with poor correlation to time of dosing. We did an internal study and found no difference in ACTH at 12 or 24 hours  and Mc Farlane's study followed horses  chronically on pergolide, finding ACTH stayed steady at 24 hours despite pergolide blood levels dropping much more quickly.  This new study said split dosing "may" smooth out ACTH fluctuations but they have no data to actually confirm that. Our members who have tried split dosing have had worse clinical control.
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I received the KER newsletter this morning and this article on PPID and pergolide caught my eye.  I will link the KER article and then their link to 2019 published research. I couldn't find in the abstract if this is new research or a republishing of existing research. I will use a tiny url as KERs newsletter link was about a thousand characters long.

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