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Eleanor Kellon, VMD

The three most important things to remember about that study

- none of those findings are new
- ACTH fluctuations did not correlate with metabolism of pergolide
- there was ZERO evidence of any kind that twice daily dosing/split dosing would be superior - none - while studies that actually follow ACTH for 24 hours find it is not elevated over the level present at the prior dose 24 hours ago
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Sherry Morse

This has already been addressed - you can read the messages here:

LJ Friedman

Any thoughts on the twice daily dosing.  I know the study is small.  Might this be something to consider?  More studies to show once a day is fine?
LJ Friedman  Nov 2014  San Diego, CA

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Lavinia Fiscaletti

Hi Donna,

This study was discussed here recently:

1. Compounded pergolide and Prascend are the same medication, just in different forms. Dosing is the same. If you are going to switch from Prascend to compounded, make sure the pharmacy knows this so there is no inadvertent change in the amount of pergolide being administered.

2. Many members here use Pet Health Pharmacy in AZ:

More choices in the Compounding Pharmacies list in the Wiki:

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Donna Hedicke

My vet is waiting for testing back from Cornell but in the meantime suggested I give Star pergolide twice daily if we go to compounded. (see
which is a really small study).  We also have a rescued mini getting pergolide (not in the db yet) and it is getting so expensive. So I have a couple of questions. 

1.  Does it make a difference in dosing if it is compounded or Prascend tablet form?
2.  Is there a reliable compounding lab in the USA  (my vet is a little reluctant after the recent compounding errors where horsed died, but sees the need as we have a 3rd suspected PPID horse)
DJ Hedicke
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