Gribbles pathology Australia


Hi Guys, 
Has anyone had their bloods done at Gribbles pathology in Australia?  
How does it work? I'm in Western Australia and they use a different lab, can I request that my vet sends the samples to them? As they're the only ones that do leptin.  I had my horse tested years ago and test results came back negative,  but he had just had another bout if laminitis and want the testing to be done properly as I'm highly suspicious that he is IR. 

Kind regards 

Jane Fletcher

Hello! I’m in Western Australia and haven’t used Gribbles. I mainly get ACTH tests done and my vet uses a WA one.

I did ring Gribbles earlier this year as I was chasing a lab that would test ACTH as per ECIR guidelines. Sadly they don’t agree that it’s needed to be done that way so my results are always wrong.

They were good to speak with though so you could ring them to see how it works.

Good luck!

Cheers, Jane

Jane, South East Western Australia
Nov 2016
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