GAVE Pergolid to wrong horse!! HELP

Sharon Manning

The wrong horse got the pergolid! Can someone advice me on what to do? It is 16mg compounded.


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Hi Sharon,
First, I would alert my vet that the wrong horse had been dosed with pergolide, so they are available if you need them. Probably the biggest thing you will notice with the horse will be either drowsiness or hyper excited. One of the reason's pergolide was/is one the substance control list for the USEF is due to the possibility of competitors using it as a stimulant for horses in competition. So if the horse in question is younger, fit , etc. you might see them really full of themselves. 
There isn't anything you can do that I am aware of at this point, just make sure the horse is in a safe environment relative to what it is showing physical wise and call your vet if it shows any signs of colic, panic, etc. I doubt ANY of those symptoms will occur, but you will need your vet to treat if they do. 

Take a deep breath. I think this has happened to other's on the list and things turned out ok.

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This happened to me once and the wrong horse who ate the 10mg pergolide basically acted like he had the pergolide veil.  He is still alive and well.
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Sharon Manning

Thanks guys for responding. 🙏❤️I just came in from the barn (3:30 EST) and i haven’t left his side Sense 9:00 this morning. ( I’m hungry) He seems fine... maybe he didn’t get it???
I don’t know, but so far so good. I don’t know how to express how crappy I feel about this I have to be more careful. ❤️ maybe I’m getting dementia.
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